About Us

Founded in 2014, Alpine Roots is a holiday and guiding company based in Verbier. A deep knowledge of the area’s trails, high level of experience and absolute passion for riding enable us to offer the very best biking experiences.

Matt, who is founder and main guide at Alpine Roots, has been living in Verbier for over 12 years and is no stranger to the mountains or riding bikes! Beginning back when he was just 9 years old, Matt has raced mountain bikes all over the UK and hasn’t looked back since (well, in the summer at least!), having gained riding experience all across Europe. Matt is also a top-level ISIA Snowboard Teacher and has been working in the mountains above Verbier for the last 13 winters, so his knowledge of Verbier’s mountains in second to none. With Alpine Roots you can feel confident being guided by a highly qualified and experienced rider.