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7 Things to Make My Perfect Alpine Mountain Bike Holiday

I think everyone has a different idea of what they want from an Alpine mountain bike holiday. If you’re going to spend your hard earned cash and accumulated holiday time, you want it to be an awesome holiday experience.

I know exactly what I want from my mountain bike holiday to the alps. Maybe it’s similar to you, or maybe not.

Verbier Mountain Bike Hire

1. Weather

I want amazing weather. I want it to be sunny and warm. I don’t even want to think about bringing a jacket, let alone wearing one. To be fair, we’ve all done our time riding in the rain and mud – it’s fun to get a bit dirty and loose out on the trail. Sometimes I howl louder than normal when it’s slippy, but when I go on holiday I want dry, dusty, warm trails and need to be wearing sunglasses, not just for keeping the mud and water out of my eyes.

2.  Endless Descents

I want really long descents, and I mean long. Ideally, I want my legs and arms to feel roughly the same kind of tired. I’m talking about a trail that goes on and on. Can you imagine that never ending trail? I want over 2000m vertical descent without having to pedal. Even just thinking about this makes me feel good.

3.  Lift Network

A good lift is essential, and a network of lifts would be even better. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind to pedal or hike when it is to get up to something incredible, but having a bit of help is a good thing. When I’m on holiday I want to do as much riding as possible and using the lift will help me do this for sure.

4.  Smooth, unridden trails

Braking bumps are a massive problem in most well known mountain bike resorts across the alps. I want to ride trails with my mates that have no braking bumps and minimal signs of use, hopefully not seeing another person all day apart from the people I came on holiday with.

5.  A bit of a challenge

I need a variety of terrain on my holiday. I like to ride high mountain passes followed by fast forest descents. I need flowing long corners and steep tight switchbacks. I like a challenge. I even like to ride a bit of the Verbier Bike Park if it’s well maintained. Lower slopes are fun too when riding near rivers and vineyards on the way back to the lift!

6.  Good food and drink

I want to stop for an amazing coffee mid-morning and an amazing lunch with the best view when hunger strikes. Finishing with a cool local artisanal beer at the end of a day’s riding is a must. Long gone are the days to finish with a sponge cake. A savoury snack is the way forward for me, especially when it’s going to be such a beautiful day, every day.

7.  Local bike shop

If anything goes wrong, I want a local bike shop on hand with stock to cover all eventualities, so I can get back to riding as soon as possible.

That’s it, apart from taking mates with you that want the same things of course. This is what I would like from a mountain bike holiday in the Alps if I was planning one. Everyone will want different things from their holidays, but this is my point of view!

If you want to talk about your perfect alpine holiday, get in touch!