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Verbier Bike Park | Lifts Open on Weekends

Verbier Bike Park Open

The weekend of June 3rd and 4th was the opener for the Verbier Bike Park. Lifts were open in Verbier and single tracks were in excellent condition with loads of fresh loam. Lifts were open all day on Saturday and Sunday!

Here at Alpine Roots, we checked out the Bike Park on Saturday. Then we discovered some more of Verbier’s hidden single track and enduro trails on Sunday.


Above is a little video of the fresh loam on offer in Verbier. Below is a photo from the Verbier Bike Park.

Verbier’s trail and track conditions are awesome right now. Single track sections are smooth and flowing fast. All the loam sections in Verbier are ready to ride and are about as springy as it gets.

Verbier Bike Park
Verbier Bike Park Open

Snow Melting

More of the Verbier snow melted in the last few weeks than expected, hence extra work has been able to be done to the tracks. The guys in the Verbier Bike Park have done an amazing job building loads of new sections on the blue and red routes. Only the blue route had a small amount of snow on it. Towards the bottom there was plenty of dust to be had because it was nice and loose. The red route had a plethora of new corners and jumps but still had its amazing flow and roller coaster characteristics.

Alpine Roots Coaching

Looking forward to doing some coaching in and out of the Verbier Bike Park. We’re also excited to get out with people to explore Verbier’s very best secret single track and enduro trails. Switchbacks are possibly the best thing about Verbier because there are so many of them here. Come and book with us to further your riding skills on any terrain.

Just can’t wait to get back up there next weekend for some more laps. I wonder what the tracks are going to be like after a riding weekend and week of bedding in.

In conclusion, the lifts are open and the tracks are sick. But most of all, well done and good work to the Verbier Bike Park Team.

Probably the best Bike Park in the Alps!